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The highlight of my career was, while promoting an international student-run organisation called AIESEC to the Student Association President of Victoria University, being offered the opportunity to represent my home country at an International Youth Village themed “One World Together” run by the Youth Affairs Administration Management and Co-Ordination Agency of the Office of the Prime Minister of Japan. The experience was a very meaningful one for me especially in respect to learning about the cultural richness of Japan and being able to participate in such a wide variety of activities and events with young people from Japan and other countries throughout the world.

Upon returning home from Japan, I was offered the opportunity to spearhead the local AIESEC chapter which, in retrospect, I should have taken on for a year while completing my Masters Degree. Nevertheless, after graduating from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, I returned to Japan where I worked as an educator sowing seeds through personal interaction with youths to contribute to an ever more peaceful world convinced, like myself, that direct exchanges among the youths of the world surpass differences of background and nationality.

In my spare time, I volunteer for AIESEC Alumni International which strives to become a bridge between cultures through impactful values-inspired initiatives and projects to bring about an ideal world where all peoples can live in peace and harmony.

I look forward to working with an organisation passionate about making an impact by aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that inspire humanity to work towards an evermore ideal world.


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