To Leave or Stay and Fight for Freedom?

Which path is harder? War is uncertainty. Even winners lose plenty. Downhearted refugees are fleeing from an uncertain situation leaving their homes behind them. Their journey is from uncertainty to uncertainty. To where? To what lands? I can see Syrian refugees near me, in my city and country, in Turkey. Watching refugees on TV in a bad situation is a far cry from observing the plight of 3 million people face-to-face – three million inhabitants with a different language and culture to ours. Are we in a position to welcome them with an opportunity for a new life? With increasing unemployment and insecurity at home, we are not in a position to do so. Even so, the government and concerned people are trying to help. By providing a place to stay, sharing bread to eat and even a salary to make ends meet, they are making a difference. Is that enough for displaced people? No! Because nowhere is like your home. But until when can we handle their problems? I don’t know. Some refugees are shabby, dying on the roads on their way to reach new lands. Is it all worth it, only to die in the Mediterranean Sea? This is the public side of the plight of refugees. Unbeknown to many, refugees are shopping at luxurious shopping malls, eating at nice restaurants, and even working to establish their own companies! Wait a minute, please! I would like to remind you of what I wrote a few sentences before that we have economic problems with a high unemployment rate. Is it fair for local people? Do residents have to accept this situation when they have no job in their hometown or when they are attacked by refugees or items are stolen from them? We can learn from history: bad situations bring about new conflicts. Humanity knows that very well. I would like to end my article with a song lyric: “fight because freedom is not sold at a bazaar!”

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar


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