The More People on Earth, the More Issues We Face.

The more people on Earth, the more issues we face. When a problem comes up, you know the reason, or you know where it comes from, but you have no idea why it happened. You have a good job, happy family and lovely circle of friends who are there when you need them. Even so, one day you wake up with a weird feeling knowing little about these words: manic, hypomanic, or depressive episode. For most people, they find it okay coping with the first two but how about a depressive episode? The latter causes a grave problem in anybody’s life. Have any of you ever experienced these signs or symptoms?

• Depressed mood
• Lack of interest in, or pleasure from, normal daily activities
• Significant weight loss or gain and changes in appetite
• Insomnia or excessive need for sleep
• Loss of energy
• Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
• Inability to think or concentrate
• Thoughts of death or suicide

This is an illness like any other, so if you think you are going through one, do not hesitate to speak out to your family and friends or reach out to doctors to seek help. There is no shame talking about it and believe me the number of sufferers is increasing, hence let’s hold hands and raise awareness.

Written by Colina Tran



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