One of the Roles of Education is to Awaken the Power of Creativity

In the spring of 2005, a place called Death Valley experienced an extraordinary phenomenon. The driest, hottest place in America, was carpeted in flowers for a while. How come? Everyone thought that Death Valley was dead – hence the name. As it turns out, Death Valley isn’t so. It’s dormant. Right beneath the surface, there were seeds of possibility waiting for the right conditions to come to life. The outgrowths, after the rain in 2004, were inevitable.

In April 2013, Ken Robinson released a Ted Talk (1) in which he elaborated how the educational system should work and the science behind it. In it, he mentioned an interesting issue: America was struggling with school dropouts at the time, for sure it still is, so he asked Finland how they approached the problem. They answered in two very short sentences: “We don’t have any. Why would you want to drop out?”

Four years later, the Swedish education system made a stunning turnaround, springing a revolutionary new era in education. There they have tools, evaluations and science to improve the quality of instruction; furthermore, the whole country is testing the system as we speak. Besides a few other countries only just starting to follow, why is Sweden the only country doing so?

Tell us your thoughts about education in your part of the world. Is AIESEC helping in this revolution? It is never too late to fulfil the fourth Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education.

Written by Petra Cvetanovic



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