A Humble Solution to a Despairingly Never-Ending Predicament

War and Peace: Two completely different states yet both of them are inseparably related to each other. Sometimes one lightning bolt of a word is enough to spark either of them. Three thousand four hundred documented years of history have passed yet only 236 years of them (1) have been in universal peace. Just 236 years!

Do I want to doubt whether AIESECers can do anything for world peace? I thought a lot about it and found a solution to my dilemma. I want to share it with you. As we know, AIESEC is a non-political organisation that yearns for world peace, and the fulfilment of humankind’s potential yet war and peace are inseparably bound to governments and politicians. So how can we strive for or demand peace if we are not in politics? To be honest, this is the only objection I have of AIESEC. It is similar to not having a job or money but wanting a luxury car. It is as if not being politically active, we do not have the right to wish. At least nobody seems to give the light of day to our concerns.

Here is my solution: We will start by taking a small step and make bigger and bolder strides forward. I propose that AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) establish a new community of people (these people have to have AIESEC values and be experienced members), and who are interested in politics and basic information about history. From each country, experienced members who like politics join this community, too. Every year, 2-3 seminars should be organised by Member Committees as well as 1-2 big congresses by AAI in any country.

In these congresses, we will talk only about world issues especially wars, history, conflicts and how to approach the subject with an AIESEC perspective. We will find solutions and promise to each other that IF I BECOME A POLITICIAN IN MY COUNTRY, I WILL REMEMBER OUR PROMISES AND TRY TO STOP WARS AND BRING ABOUT PEACE. These members will join political parties that endorse our mindset. They will be part of them and slowly, year by year, obtain a leading position. Maybe even mayor, minister, or prime minister. On top of this, they will always have our mindset hardwired into their brain. Imagine having a few countries with AIESECer ministers and prime ministers at the same time. Furthermore, they will keep the promises that they made years ago at an AIESEC congress. They will lead their countries with a peaceful mindset and bring peace to the world.

What do you say? Can it be a solution for world peace? Is it worth a try?

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar

(1) http://www.nytimes.com/2003/07/06/books/chapters/what-every-person-should-know-about-war.html


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