Nuclear Free Aotearoa (NZ)

Twenty-five years ago, representing my home country at a Global Youth Village sponsored by the government of Japan, I visited Hiroshima. There, I could not help but conclude that the significance of Hiroshima should never be depreciated over time, ever.

Resolutely, given the sensitive nature of geopolitical undercurrents in the Far East, right now–more than ever–is the time to reaffirm the resolve of unwavering forward-thinking peace movements. I am proud to be a citizen of nuclear-free Aotearoa (NZ), a beacon of hope for humanity. It’s consistent message to the world, bolstered by the sincere gesture of honouring home-bred peace activists yesterday, will serve in shedding light on the far-from-endangered elephant in the room: nuclear weapons.

Kiwis who fought for NZ’s Nuclear Free Status reflect on Anniversary

Kiwi to help negotiate United Nations Nuclear Arms Ban


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