Energy is Life

Energy is life, and renewable energy is increasingly important in our societies. Even more, it’s something we will continue to depend on moving forward.

One new technology has caught my attention. It has been created and developed by Tesla (1). Instead of using a traditional roof tile, it uses a new system with solar panels at its core. The panels are integrated within glass roof tiles, replacing a home’s roof. Thanks to this, you can continually produce energy for your house, which could mean that, in the near future, you will not need electric power provided by the city grid.

As always, the advancement of technology breeds new questions, and this time one of them should be this: Why aren’t we using more solar energy? According to scientists, the sun is going to be with us at least 5 billion years, (2) so it seems to me like the answer is clear. The sun is giving us its energy for free, we need only develop new technologies to harness it.

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar


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