“Bomb The World”

More often songs can contain and explain perfectly the feelings of humans, nations, and the world. This song from Michael Franti sums up perfectly what was (released in 2003.) and still is happening today. Give it a read…

“I don’t understand the reason why

You tellin’ us all that we need to unify

Rally round the flag

And beat the drums of war

Sing the same old songs

Ya know we heard ’em all before

You tellin’ me it’s unpatriotic

But I call it what I see it

When I see it’s idiotic

The tears of one mother

Are the same as any other

Drop food on the kids

While you’re murderin’ their fathers

But don’t bother to show it on CNN

Brothers and sisters don’t believe them

It’s not a war against evil

It’s really just revenge

Engaged by the poorest by the same rich men

Fight terrorists wherever they be found

But why you not bombing Tim McVeigh’s hometown?

You can say what you want propaganda television

But all bombing is terrorism

We can chase down all our enemies

Bring them to their knees

We can bomb the world to pieces

But we can’t bomb it into peace

Whoa we may even find a solution

To hunger and disease

We can bomb the world to pieces

But we can’t bomb it into peace


Fire in the skies

Many people died

And no one even really knows why

They tellin’ lies of division and fear

We yelled and cried

No one listened for years

But like, “who put us here?”

And who’s responsible?

Well, there’s no debatin’

Cause if they ask me I say

It’s big corporations

World trade organisation

Tri-lateral action

International sanctions, Satan

Seems like it’ll be an endless price tag

Of wars tremendous

And most disturbingly

The death toll is so horrendous

So I send this to those

Who say they defend us

Send us into harm’s way

We should all make a remembrance that

This is bigger than terrorism

Blood is blood is blood and um

Love is true vision

Who will listen?

How many songs it takes for you to see

You can bomb the world to pieces

You can’t bomb it into peace

Power to the peaceful

And I say, love to the people y’all

Power to the peaceful

And I say, love to the people y’all”


Did any of the lines catch your attention? Which one? Why?

Written by Petra Cvetanovic




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