One of three core elements among Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is social inclusion, and this vital component is reflected in different aspects of daily life and society. From the physically impaired, to expectant mothers, to the elderly, each of us will face awkward situations.

It falls on individuals, not just the government, to make our municipalities more accessible. Step one would be for the government to improve on accessible infrastructure. Luckily, since 2012, we’ve seen growing improvements in China.

Secondly, each of us has a responsibility to try our best to care for the disabled, elderly or whoever needs our help. We can never know what will happen to us or which fate we will face in the future. One day we will be aged, we will be weak, we will be in trouble and hope for a stranger’s kindness.

We are creating an open world for people who are vulnerable, but we are also building one for the implied fate of each and every one of us!

Written by Valentina Tu


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