Problem-Reaction-Solution; All from the Same Hands!

Before we jump to any conclusions, let’s see what’s going on behind closed doors. Two books taught me the importance of this. One is “Human Race Get Off Your Knees,” by David Icke. The second is a well-known classic: “1984,” by George Orwell. Generally, we like to talk about world issues, but it’s not like we think about what causes the problem.

I think it’s time I explain the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” title.
Step 1 – Problem: Create a problem (illness, terror, cyber attack, etc.)
Step 2 – Reaction: Create a reaction (validate and spread the “problem” via media or the Internet.)
Step 3 – Solution: Create a solution (sell the solution to people who suffer from the problem you created.)

It may sound like a conspiracy to you, but here are two examples that illustrate what I mean.
Example 1: There are cameras everywhere (streets, malls, stadiums, etc.) to protect people and observe for potential offenders. Makes sense right? People think that having a camera everywhere is beneficial to them, but why are so many locations monitored by cameras like in the book 1984?
Example 2: Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) began in Mexico in 2009 just after a big pharmaceutical company patented the H1N1 vaccine in 2008(2). The virus led to fear among people, and they were vaccinated. Insane amounts of pigs were killed for protection, but then we found out that, actually, even pigs were safe(3). So, maybe it’s that the virus was created in labs by humans.
What do you think? Problem-reaction-solution (or we can say “money”). The motto for this article might be “Mankind is Killing Each Other.”

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar

(1) David Icke-Human Race Get Off Your Knees.


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