Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

“Climate change” is a phrase that we come across at least once a day; humanity is at the point where it must live with the consequences of it, such as natural disasters caused by its effects. Scientists have released new information regarding emissions and we, as citizens of Earth, must act on this call to action.

What scares me most is that even if we massively reduce our emissions, 48% of our population will still be affected by climate change. The United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is a negative impact on our global mission. We will run out of choices in the future if we don’t make the right decisions today. Predictions of deadly heatwaves continue to rise. I am here to call for individual action before taking it to organisational or community level. Each of us is contributing either in the right or wrong way towards the environment; please put some thought into each action you take.

Written by Colina Tran



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