In Search of Mr Right

At the beginning of this month, Chenchen just had her 30th birthday. At 29 years old, blind dating had become her most important activity in life. Like most young women, she was pushed by her parents to marry. Day by day, she got more and more anxious which made her feel the way she does right now.

Even now, besides offline blind dating once or twice a week, she is also socialising online on Wechat or QQ (Chinese social media like Twitter). At first, she was more worried about her appearance but now having a successful career is more vital. “If you date with 10,000 people, there must be one guy who is qualified,” she announced. Hence she decided to date with several strangers for eight minutes at blind date parties.

That’s an epitome in today’s China, women, especially women in cities find it more and more difficult to meet Mr Right. Moreover, pressure from parents, relatives, and society push them to marry. However, as a human, having an independent soul is far more important than having a husband.

Written by Valentina Tu

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