Working to Live or Living to Work?

Finding a suitable job is getting harder every year. The population is increasing, university students are finishing school and globalisation is beginning to make its impact. Unemployment rates are increasing almost everywhere in the world. (1)

Generation Y workers enter their working environments with many ideas and perspectives they want to bring to the table. Most of them have experiences in different sectors, have been abroad or have seen a particular work/lifestyle they resonate with. Their goal is simply to live a better life.

But a problem occurs! As I mentioned, the growing issue of unemployment. Managers and bosses have been the first to notice this and try to use it for their benefit. We can see that some managers use it as leverage. With so many people looking for work, they sometimes don’t consider work conditions, benefits or even job descriptions. They do not evaluate the appetite for work or potential of the candidate, focusing purely on experiences. And, if they cannot ascertain any experience from the same sector, they will immediately eliminate the candidate. Managers do not seem to care about personality, talents or hobbies that can improve work culture.

I’m not saying it’s best practice to “hire all candidates,” of course not, but at least give each candidate the time and evaluation she or he deserves. The “Y” generation will become the leaders of the future. Give them a chance, they have ideas, energy and perspectives that undoubtedly will lead your business towards a bright future!

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar



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