Education is a Must

As a famous Turkish TV advertisement said a few years ago: “”Education is a must.”

In my previous posts, I wrote about the role and importance of learning. Of course, all of us can agree with the importance of education, so that’s why this post will be shorter.

Now, I want to share the literacy rates of the most developed and undeveloped countries in the world. When I say “development,” I don’t only mean in education; it includes education, economy, technology, culture, social life, purchasing power and politics as well.

The United States, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland are ahead in literacy (1) and development (2) for sure. But, on the bottom, we see Chad, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Niger (3). This cannot be a coincidence, can it?

As Nelson Mandela once said: “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.”

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar





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