Nagasaki Never Again!

NagasakiAt exactly this time, 72 years ago, Nagasaki was hit with an atomic bomb. Living in Japan, every year I am reminded of this catastrophe as a siren sounds for a minute throughout the country for a moment of silence, as well as for Hiroshima and the end of World War Two for Japan.

A lot of time has passed since the end of “the war to end all wars,” surprisingly said of World War One. Tragically, sirens are now heard in Japanese school yards for missile evacuation drills (1). Will the bold statement above ever be realised?

I have been to Nagasaki several times, the most memorable of which was with a peace-loving group from the United States of America (2). As I experienced visiting Nagasaki with my homestay family 25 years ago, I wanted them to do the same. Now, every year they head to Nagasaki with their homestay families. Sincere gestures like this one, give me hope that we can overcome any obstacle to achieve mutual understanding between cultures, ultimately delivering eternal peace on earth.

For further information, please read my letter of recognition to them:



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