In this Era of Communication, We’ve Forgotten How to Communicate Face-to-Face

Chatting with another person in a different country is very simple with the Internet. All it takes is a few clicks to hear a loved one’s voice and find out what he or she is doing. Finding out what someone ate or wore today is easy, and it’s amazing that we can keep up with friends that are thousands of kilometres away. New technology has made the world smaller, and it certainly makes things easier for us on a daily basis.

The downside is our reliance on it. Whenever I go out, people seem buried in their phones. Using them for business is something I can understand, but I suspect most people are just checking their social media accounts and counting “likes.” When I go to a cafe with friends, I notice other people sitting with friends, but their heads are looking down at their phones. No talking, no smiling to each other. Once, I even had to leave a group of friends because they were much too “busy” with phones instead of speaking with each other.

Actually, that’s why I still use an old phone. Whenever I need the Internet, I use it at home. I don’t want technology controlling my life. When I need it, I find it. Why spend your days in front of a 5-inch screen instead of in the company of the sun and flowers?

Of course, I’m not against technology, but maybe it should be engaged with more thoughtfully? Thoughts?

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar

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