Build Resilient Infrastructure, Promote Sustainable Industrialisation and Foster Innovation

It is undeniable that public infrastructure such as electrical grids, roads, telecommunications, and information technologies are critical elements for the economic growth of all nations, especially underdeveloped ones. However, basic essential elements still remain in chronic demand. “2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to basic sanitation, and almost 800 million people lack access to water, many hundreds of millions of them in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. About 2.6 billion people in the developing world are facing difficulties in accessing electricity full time” (1). This statement validates the need for urgency to combat these issues immediately. Nevertheless, the role of every concerned organisation is not only to raise and distribute funds to countries in need but also to invest in new technologies to build such infrastructure to reduce hardship and create jobs for local people. This multiplication effect has a positive impact on society as the following statement states: “Every one job in manufacturing creates 2.2 jobs in other sectors” (1). In a nutshell, the most all-encompassing aspiration of humanity is to mobilise every section of every country’s government to “Build Resilient Infrastructure, Promote Sustainable Industrialisation and Foster Innovation” together, bearing in mind the timeframe that we have collectively set through the Sustainable Development Goals to improve the quality of life globally.

Written by Colina Tran


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