Travel Green

Image source: lonely planet

Fighting climate change is such a huge goal that sometimes we might find it hard to see how we can make an impact in our daily life. One simple way to make a change is with carbon offsetting, which has the added benefit of supporting local communities. Carbon offsetting has three simple steps: 1) calculate your carbon footprint 2) manage and reduce your carbon emissions, and 3) offset unavoidable carbon emissions via green initiatives (like planting trees!)

One example to look at is tourism, which according to World Tourism Organization is responsible for about 5% of global CO2 emissions. The carbon emissions from tourism are insane once you include air travel, land/water transport (like cars, trains, and motorised boats), accommodation, museums, theme parks, events and shopping. An environmentally sustainable travel model must include some type of travellers’ involvement in carbon offset projects such as tree planting, renewable energy, energy conservation and environmental education. Better still, why not travel green and get involved in eco-tourism! How do you reduce your carbon footprint when you travel?

Written by Colina Tran

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