Rush Hour

Wake up, have breakfast, get ready, spend two hours to reach your workplace, work nine hours, spend another two hours to reach home. This is the daily routine of people who live in a metropolitan city. Especially if your city is one of the most congested cities in the world (1).

Depending on the city you live in, you can spend three or more hours in traffic every day. Angry, sweaty, unhappy faces surround you. Traffic affects your quality of life and communication with others; it even seeps into your home life. Instead of reading a book or having a picnic with friends, that time is spent in traffic. Even writing about this chaos gives me goosebumps.

The population in most countries is increasing, and migration from small to big cities is also increasing. Unfortunately, metropolitan cities don’t have the infrastructure to integrate such significant numbers of people.

We can place some hope in new solutions for transportation (2). In 10-15 years, hopefully, we’ll have completely different ways to reach our destinations. Some of these new ideas include the Skytrain, Scarab and Velocity. Secretly, I’m still waiting for the flying cars from Back To The Future! What sustainable modes of transport are you interested in?

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar



trafik sıkışık.jpg

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