Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain: Earth Overshoot Day

When we are young, we tend to commit many financial errors, one of them might be using too much of our wealth that we should be putting aside for the future. By and large, collectively acting as individuals, we are like that; we use the ‘environmental credits’ of our progeny prematurely. How do we know that?

There is a date every year when the world’s resource bank goes into overdraft. This year, 2017, the date falls on 2 August, one day earlier than 2016. That means we are consuming more of our precious resources of water, land and fresh air than ever before. We have already passed the point of which some natural resources — think trees, fish and water — humanity takes from the Earth reaches the total that can be regenerated over the entire year. It’s when the amount of carbon emitted reaches the amount the forests and oceans are able to absorb. (1)

Think before you take out a loan you are unable to repay carefully; think twice before wasting any of our planet’s precious resources. How do you reduce your carbon footprint?

Written by Colina Tran

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