Nikola Tesla

There have been some pretty amazing people that lived in this world. They did more than just live; they made the world a better place for all of us. I would like to write about one of these “special” people.

I recently visited a museum showcasing his work, and it inspired me to share these thoughts with you. This “special” person is the Serbian: Nikola Tesla (1). He had a strong vision, unique ideas and a disciplined work ethic. Like all of us, Tesla grappled with his fair share of difficulties. Although he had no money and sometimes had his ideas stolen, he never stopped or gave up.

If you haven’t heard of Nikola Tesla, you might want to consider the remote controls you own or neon lights. Include drones, satellites, radar sets and NASA space communication, and you realise how important Tesla has been in advancing humanity’s quality of life. We even had a chance at free, cordless electricity in the early 1900s! But some capitalists sought to profit from of his ideas instead.

I think that these kinds of amazing thinkers continue to inspire generations to do better, even to solve worldwide problems. They’ve given us just enough to bring to light so that we can think about their lives and their struggles a little bit more. In their experiences, we will continue to discover the inspiration and passion for boldly seeking out new inventions—while overcoming failures—toward ultimate successes.

How do you muster the strength to overcome setbacks?

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar



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