Child Marriage Around the World – Girls Not Brides

When we reach adulthood, getting married and having a family is often the pathway we take. When we commit or are committed to doing so, in some cases, depends on the culture. Nevertheless, there is one custom that no one ought to accept, child marriage.

In some places around the world where it happens, children live, what would appear to many, an entirely unconventional lifestyle. They do not play with toys. They don’t go to school. They don’t sing nursery rhymes. Tragically, they barely know how to have fun or experience the joys of life. Due to impoverished circumstances, tradition, or religious rituals, they get married and start a family, even having children as young as 15 years old. It’s sad, but there are instances of forced marriage happening to children as young as 13, 11 or even nine years old.

Understandably, these young families might not have the capacity to care about their children’s futures, self-development, or their dreams as they were treated likewise and are unaware of any alternatives.

Think about a girl who is still a child but married, and maybe she already has a baby. In these circumstances, how can she know about realities of the world; how can she teach them to her baby? Instead of playing with a doll, like girls elsewhere, she changes the diaper of her baby instead. The truth is painful, but the statistics are real(1).

How did you spend your childhood?

Drafted by Oguz Yilmazlar


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