When is Money a Relevant Motivator?

When is Money a Relevant Motivator?

In our student member days of AIESEC, we were curious as to what motivated our peers to team up productively and reach common goals. Sometimes these motivators were clear extrinsic factors, like financial performance bonuses. Sometimes more intrinsic factors, such as personal values, took priority.

What’s interesting is that not everyone sought out measurable outcomes. An example is the exchange participant learning and growing from their experience abroad. This is difficult to encourage because we don’t always know what motivates our peers to act. I believe that knowing what motivates our peers, and how their motivations overlap with our shared goals, can help us hone in on how we can effectuate change.

What if we use that same line of thinking in our teams today to act sustainably?

Drafted by Chris Gassman

Click to access cpu-2017-c-suite-guide-final.pdf

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