Our Impact on the World

The book “Sapiens,” written by Yuval Noah Harari, shows the hidden dark side of humanity’s impact on the world.

In the book, the writer asserts that people think that everything in the universe was created for them. For example, trees are for us to cut down and make furniture. Cows and sheep exist for us to slaughter so we can eat them. Chicken eggs only exist for us to eat them at breakfast. In short, the writer suggests that we are the owners of the universe and all other living and inanimate things are to be used for our pleasure.

When you buy a few kilos of meat at the market, do you ask yourself how that meat arrives there? In “industrial animal factories,” baby calves are separated from their mothers and put in tiny cages for around four months. They have no chance to move freely because their meat needs to be soft and juicy when they are slaughtered.

Another example is milk factories that force female cows to remain pregnant because when they have a baby, they can provide more milk. Of course, factory workers do not allow calves to drink all the milk they require. While calves are ingesting milk, they are separated from their mothers, and workers get the rest of it.

Have you ever thought that maybe that’s why sheep are so docile? During the domestication period of them, aggressive ones are culled so that herds are easier to control. Consequently, animals implicitly understood that if they became aggressive, they would become the next victim apparently.

This consequence is the result of evolution. We changed the animals’ behaviours for our benefit. This benefit could be material or spiritual—but we did it.

I believe that even though we are humans, we are on a level footing with a daisy or a rooster, a plane or a tree. If we learn how to share the world, we could make it more just for all of creation.

Drafted by Oguz Yilmazlar

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