Abacus Maths – Numeracy

Abacus Maths – Numeracy

Target 4.6: “By 2030, ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy.” Still, people in underdeveloped countries suffer significantly from innumeracy, which hinders them from conducting necessary business calculations. This tendency will propagate perpetual poverty indefinitely.

The fact that early childhood is the most important growing period of a human life concerning emotional, intellectual, physical and social development is widely accepted. So, an introduction to mathematics at a young age is advantageous.

Besides enhancing an overall comprehension of maths, other valuable benefits of abacus maths, in particular, include the following:

• Boost better and faster calculation skills

• Increase tolerance to stress and pressure

• Improve problem-solving abilities

• Teach clearer logical reasoning

• Sharpen concentration and observance

• Develop confidence and self-esteem

• Heighten stronger mental visualisation skills

• Enhance reading and writing

• Enhance photographic memory

• Sharpen listening skills

• Make mathematics meaningful, useful and fun

• Provide a reliable learning foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

• Increase memory power to sharpen overall mental formation

Primarily determined by our external environment, rather than our genes, every human has the same chance of maximising his or her intelligence. To reach the goal of universal numeracy, can we include abacus maths in school programs throughout the world? At any rate, instead of toys and candies, consider bringing some abacuses on your next trip to any country in the world to hand out to children.

Drafted by Colina Tran




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