Sharing Together Through Sports

Sharing Together Through Sports

The motto “Share Together” inspired me to write this article:

Turkey is one of the candidates for Euro Cup 2024, and the country presented this motto to the organisation.

May a sports organisation create friendship between peoples and countries?

The 2018 World Cup is coming soon to Russia. Thousands of people from 32 countries supporting their national teams will be there. Different cultures, colours, languages, behaviours, and actions—it’ll be like the Global Villages from our AIESEC days, but much more conspicuous.

Our world is tired of witnessing wars, terror attacks, kidnappings, rapes, murders and other malicious deeds. More often than not, we need to breathe in fresh air, and sport may well be our saviour. If you can’t participate, watching one is no different from battling it out on the pitch, international tournaments are plantwide peace projects.

NBA finals, W.C. finals, F1, and Super Ball all have millions of spectators. And soon, in June, millions of people from all around the world will be watching the World Cup. Everyone will seemingly turn a blind eye to geopolitical undercurrents bubbling under the surface and converge around the TV; fortunate ones will flock to Russia to witness the spectacle firsthand.

Even if there are disagreements and disputes between fans, the World Cup will bring cheer to their faces. Cities of Russia will be abuzz hosting colourful people talking and making jokes with one another and sharing meals together, too.

Conceivably an Asian will meet an African for the first time and learn how to play African drums; the Brazilian samba could inspire an Egyptian person to sign up for dance lessons; a Japanese person could even teach a French person how to cook sushi; German and Mexican fans may even drink beer together. In one form or another, they will watch matches together. One side will win, one will lose, but their happenstance friendships could potentially last forever.

I remember vividly how Turkish-Korean friendship became stronger at the 2002 World Cup. We will never forget how they hosted us that time.

Even if there are only 32 countries there, other countries will be watching and wishing that potentially lasting friendships come true.

As our motto says, “Share Together” and make the world ever more peaceful.

Drafted by Oguz Yilmazlar


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