Is Everything for Humans?

Is Everything for Humans?

Is a cow living to be eaten by us? Is a tree there to provide shadow? Is a flower colourful to be a gift on Valentine’s Day?

Does water flow for our shower? Are the seven seas for us, and are mountains to build a house on so we can see the oceans better?

Why has humankind put itself prominently in the spotlight on the stage of life? Why are we so significant but all other “things” are not? Is this egocentrism coming from our power? From our swords, guns, tanks, and warplanes? A sheep cannot defend “itself” from us. Salivating with glee, we can carve it up and eat it! Does that imply that sheep are living to be centre stage on our dinner table? Of course not!

We believe that we are strong, smart and brave enough. But, have you ever thought of our stature in the universe? Even our seemingly boundless world is barely visible from a distance. We consider the planet we live on to be enormous, but it is a mere speck—scarcely a pinhead!

We are comparable to a piece of dust, conceivably smaller. So, why all the bragging? Why do some people think that if we do not exist literally, we are void of life? Why all the heartbreak and fighting? For whose benefit?

Drafted by Oguz Yilmazlar


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