Concrete Conundrums!

Concrete Conundrums

My ancestors (ancient Turks) had a great relationship with the sky. They were accustomed to getting their inspiration from it. They called themselves “offspring of the sky”. When they were in trouble or just having a good time, they gazed at it. That’s why they lived in a pavilion under which they could see the awe-inspiring night sky, not encased in a lump of concrete!

A photo from Istanbul, Turkey propelled me to write this article. I have written about how we are annihilating nature a few times before. All the same, I think this is a crucial issue because we depend on nature to provide us with a home.

As you can see in the photo, one building seemingly stacked on top of another, no way to see the ground, no way to see any gap between erections, no way to see the open sky when you walk—no way to even take a fresh breath! Of course, not everywhere is like this; nonetheless, getting more and more so.

Marvelling at lush greenery makes you happy, taking a deep and clean breath makes you feel reinvigorated, observing clouds makes you conjure a vision, a flock of birds invokes independence; even if for a brief moment, you overlook all the tension in your unbalanced work-life.

Now, I am learning how the sky was essential for our lifestyle from the history books. As a “grandson of the sky,” concrete jungles smother me. However, not only in Turkey, most megacities are now unfortunately so.

What do you think? Will humanity yearn for the restoration of ages relinquished as it rockets towards the age of space?

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