Clean up your act!

Clean up your act!

From a young age—especially at school—we are told: “education is important!” Maths, language, biology, history, music, art and so on; all of them contribute something to our advancement. However, what about taking care of nature? Are we learning enough about how to save it at school?

We literally cannot imagine a life without nature. In previous articles, we have already talked about how we may be polluting it irreversibly. I am speculating that the prime reason is lack of education—still unbeknown to some, we are decimating our “safe haven!”

There is one more thing about why we pollute cities. It stems from family or school behaviour we observe when we are young and impressionable. That is, the attitude that: “there is always someone to clean up your mess!” Sure, there are cleaning crews in the streets who earn money from this burden as public servants. Be that as it may, they have to keep streets clean even if you carelessly throw away whatever you have in your hand. Based on my observations, after catching a litterer in the act, some of them don’t even roar “please don’t litter!” because they are afraid of the repercussions. Despairingly, they continue to clean.

How easy it is to help them. Just keep holding your litter in your hand! In my locality, within five minutes, you will spot a litter bin. Straightforward isn’t it?

Don’t assume that cleaning staff are your servants, don’t presume that they are looking forward to cleaning up after you!

With a trifle of effort, you can keep the world livable. However, as I wrote above, we need a role-modelling education system, conscious families, sensitive students and initiating paradigm-shifting initiatives.

Just care more, stop being so selfish, think about the future—nothing else!

“If everyone cleaned his or her doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”—Mother Teresa

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