Recruitment For Global Collaboration

Recruitment For Global Collaboration

The coordination of any kind of operation which includes more than one party, to be honest, is challenging. Just think about the planning of a simple family event. Even reaching agreement on an appropriate date for it with your parents, grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles and so on is extremely complicated.

Likewise, humankind must enhance cooperation of all sectors, stakeholders and participants of our entire global society to eliminate all pressing issues of this planet. That includes every single country. Yes, it is like inviting even that one, extremely annoying cousin to your family event who no one likes and tends to ruin every gathering he or she has the occasion to attend.

Paraphrased into an everyday life analogy, that is an aim of the 17th and final Global Goal: to ensure multi-stakeholder partnerships for the betterment of the world. The more we would like to leave that one cousin behind, the less we are going to be satisfied with our global family. Thus giving more leeway for unexpected potentially damaging and destructive events. In other words, it is essential to leave no one behind, not only within our personal bloodlines but within our far-reaching extended global family of commonly compassionate companions with an equal stake in the fate of this planet.

It is clear, that without the willingness of all participants and such unwavering commitment to multi-stakeholder coordination, the UN alone won’t be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, even though it is in everyone’s best interests.

Partnerships of governments, civil society, private and public sectors, and individuals are required to harmonise their actions and prioritise mobilisation towards the implementation of the SDGs.

It is evident that this SDG has the most crucial role in the success of the realisation of the rest of the Global Goals. Therefore, it is everyone’s moral responsibility to find a way to contribute to it.

Yes, including you, your parents, significant others, friends … and me too.

Call to Action:

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2. Discuss the following topic with your sympathisers: Why are partnerships for the SDGs extremely challenging for us? What can the role of each individual in them be? Specifically, what can you do?

3. Find a project and reach out to the host entity to support them with advice or funds to deliver it, especially West African entities as there is an urgent need to provide SDG-related changes there.

4. Sponsor and motivate someone in your world to take a global volunteer project with AIESEC → I suggest the one in the Benin Republic →

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