1 for All, All for 1

Partnerships for the Goals

1 for All, All for 1

Every step towards solutions to pressing issues is more important than you may think. Committing time, effort, tears, sweat, plans and actions all for a better world is indispensable.

Do not say, “Even if I don’t do anything, there are seven billion more of us who will do something”. If everybody thought like this, no one would move even one step forward. Instead, such complacency would take us one step backward. Thus, before we knew it, we would be awakened from our slumber with a full-blown crisis knocking on our doors. Sound familiar? You bet!

Thankfully some of us are taking bold steps forward. Just a few weeks ago I found some compelling content online from influential people like Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, and Penelope Cruz reminding us that nature doesn’t need us but we need it. They focus on elements of it that are being adversely affected by our ruthless and careless conduct(1).

Even if these people have enough money to live in luxurious conditions for the rest of their lives, they step forward to show us what the world is facing, speaking on behalf of nature itself. Furthermore, they want us to react constructively.

I take seriously what famous people do for the world. I follow whether they use their fame for good or bad things carefully. Are they a bad example for youth by using drugs or hanging out with different partners every night? Do they always smoke? Alternatively, do they set an excellent example by visiting war children, orphans, or saying something useful about climate change?

Most of us are seldom in the spotlight; all the same, don’t belittle your lack of access to power and privilege. Please don’t dwell on your status, never think you are unworthy of doing great things. Just try. Do something to the extent of your abilities. Be an example to the people around you. Act altruistically, and you will soon find that sympathisers will follow you. One by one, step by step, together we will make the world a better place.

• Created by Oguz@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Illustrated by Kriszti@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Edited by Lee@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Published by Lee@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

(1) https://www.conservation.org/nature-is-speaking/Pages/default.aspx

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