What Are You Still Waiting For? Our World Is Dying!

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Our World Is Dying!

Below is an episode excerpt from The Market and The Good – Sustainable Podcasts series with Chris Gassman produced by Management & Legal Associates(1), where doing well by doing good is the norm. Alternatively, follow the link(2) below to listen to the original audio version of it.


Chris: What will the audience gain by listening?

Colina: These are the Global Goals that directly address world issues. The UN has set the Agenda by 2030 to solve them so that we and our subsequent generations can live better on Earth. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if by 2030 there will be No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and everybody has Good Health and Well-Being? Also, ALL children will have access to Quality Education with Gender Equality; all human beings can have Clean Water and Sanitation, and Affordable and Clean Energy. We will all live in nations where their citizens will have Decent Work and Economic Growth, with Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Furthermore, together, we really can take Climate Action. These are most of our 17 SDGs embraced.

Chris: Why are you working on the SDGs?

Colina: 7 years ago, I went to Malaysia for an international student exchange, where I met my international friends. This experience was a turning point in my life when I got to know different cultures, people, and their countries good and bad things and understood that we shared common problems. That’s how and why we met, working on the Red Wave project to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Then, early last year, I saw AIESEC Alumni International was recruiting a content team worldwide to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN, I started to research what SDGs were and decided I should follow the initiatives on making this planet a better place and the next thing I knew I had become one of the AAI team.

Chris: What is your idea in brief?

Colina: The problems are being paid attention every day on the news and being spoken about at many conferences and among people. There we show our concerns and propose solutions. If successful, I think that the world would be a much better place to live, again. Isn’t it wonderful if by 2030 it transpires?

We, as part of the AIESEC Content Team, have been working for almost two years, writing many articles about the 17 SDGs, building milestones for a united world. We are achieving recognition with our book – a selection of our articles named: What Are You Still Waiting For? Our World Is Dying! (3) – as it is on its way to be published in Vietnam in English and Vietnamese. In this way, we can make many people in Vietnam get familiar with the SDG terms and real and current problems. Then, hopefully, they will come up with solutions in the form of projects.

Chris: What is your call to action?

I work in public relations in which I have the privilege to have my voice heard. I exert this advantage to speak up for other voices. In my opinion, the 17th Goal which is Partnerships for the Goals is the most impactful one because it’s obvious that I can not cover all the problems, yet all of us, holding hands to sort out one by one, little by little, and day by day can. Individuals, companies and organisations altogether will be able to achieve them by 2030 – according to the Agenda.

• Hosted by Chris@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Transcribed by Colina@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Illustrated by Kriszti@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Edited by Lee@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Published by Colina@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Originally Aired on The Market And The Good

The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAI.

(1) http://maalassociates.us

(2) https://anchor.fm/TheMarketAndTheGood/episodes/What-are-you-still-waiting-for-e2bq58

(3) http://bit.ly/whatareyoustillwaitingfor

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