Being an Ambassador is Cooler Than You Think!

Being an Ambassador is

Cooler Than You Think!

The Global Goal Content Team for AlumNet is looking for 17 Ambassadors to represent each goal with passion and conviction. Could you be one of them?

Below is an episode excerpt from The Market and The Good – Sustainable Podcasts series with Chris Gassman produced by Management & Legal Associates(1), where doing well by doing good is the norm. Alternatively, follow the link(2) below to listen to the original audio version of it.


Chris: What will the audience gain by listening?

Lee: Thanks for having me on your show and offering me the chance to convey my thoughts on a topic I am very passionate about discussing with you. Your listeners will be left with a sense of urgency to rise with a start, shed their complacent attire of yesteryear and make an impact in a new wardrobe of glittering colours sporting their Global Goal Goggles(3) forward!

Chris: Why are you working on the SDGs?

Lee: A few years ago, I was at a turning point in my life as I felt that my contribution to the world at large was missing something; something significant that was staring right at me, but its brightness somehow blinded me. So, I rummaged through my proverbial closet to rediscover the key to what drives me. You see, being agnostic, I have always been reluctant to commit wholeheartedly to a single religion, even though I was searching for a guiding light to head towards in my world. Then, like a lightning bolt from above, I found it! It was my time at AIESEC when I was a student that opened my eyes to a bolder and brighter world through its association with United Nations ideals.

At last, I had an angle to make an impact! So, I hit the books! The more Global Goal-related courses I took, the more enlightened I became, convinced that I had to do what I could to make them prominent and influential in everyone’s lives. After all, the UN is at the mercy of its Member States and is not at liberty to draw from a bottomless wishing well of gold to fund worthy initiatives at will, so I took the plunge and decided to sincerely commit myself hook, line, and sinker to their gospel for the rest of my career.

Stop right there! I may have raised your eyebrows by implying that the UN was a religious organisation, but allow me to explain. In humanity’s heart of hearts, achieving the multi-stakeholder global agenda by 2030 is the MORAL thing to do. Commit to it, and you too will bring to the surface of your wishing well a deep purpose to your life. What are you waiting for, take the plunge!

Chris: What is your idea in brief?

Lee: Besides teaching Global Goal-related content to high school students in Japan, with fellow AIESEC Alumni International boosters, I volunteer as an editorial producer of Global Goal-related content, not only shouting from the rooftops but helping influence the world at large. Not only do we produce content online for AAI, which is online at for all to read, but we are poised to publish offline, too.

On that note…

Hey you! Yes, I mean YOU. Whether you are a member of AAI’s AlumNet or not, there you will find subgroups corresponding to the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. AIESEC alumni, consider following the ones you are most passionate and qualified to represent because the AAI Content Team for AlumNet is looking for 17 Ambassadors to represent each Goal with passion and conviction. We want you to keep us inspired by sharing personal stories, and informed by sharing information about initiatives that we want to endorse. So, with like-minded alumni of AIESEC, become a volunteer with us to produce articles and share relevant information with fellow compassionate champions of progressive social change for sustainable development.

Chris: What is your call to action?

Lee: So, what are you STILL waiting for? GET IN TOUCH!

• Hosted by Chris@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Illustrated by Kriszti@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Transcribed, Edited and Published by Lee@Whatareyoustillwaitingfor.Space

• Originally Aired on The Market And The Good




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