What More Can We Do? More of Course!

What More Can We Do? More of Course!

In 2016, to fellow former members, I wrote: “I was a member of the largest student organisation in the world 25 years ago. It made such an impact on me that I want to work with you all to reboot humanity. The Sustainable Development Goals cannot wait! Our alumni are the perfect group of empowered people to set the wheels in motion. Let’s go for it!”

I sincerely wanted to make an impact on humanity, even in the slightest. And if that means shouting from the rooftops, I will gladly stand up there with my megaphone.

I received the following reply of endorsement from a member of the Executive Board:

“We totally agree, which is why we have built an online platform and are working to link our members into a global network of leaders for a better world. Thanks for joining us!”

So, even after being an inactive member of AIESEC for many years, since the SDGs came into effect on 1 January 2016, in my own way, I have been persevering to further my passion for the promotion and execution of the Sustainable Development Goals as a member of AIESEC Alumni International. Accordingly, as a former active member in my childhood, I am determined to make a difference again. These publications attest to that conviction.

Strategically aligned, AAI has an active network all over the world including members with a grounded understanding of how to raise the potential of humanity for peace and rehabilitation collectively in an apolitical manner. Additionally, alongside the Global Goals sponsored voluntarily by the like-minded Member States of the United Nations, it provides a platform for fellow alumni to band together to launch projects to be bold and, as stated in its mission statement, “achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential”.

Surely, in your heart of hearts, you yearn for the same?

– Lee Vallance

The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of #WAYSWF.

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