How Can a Nine-Year-Old Lift a Truck to Save Someone?

How Can a Nine-Year-Old Lift a Truck to Save Someone?

How can you do well with an idea to do good, that seems bigger than what your wallet can support? How can you invest in people’s ideas to do well by doing good when most banks would not bother? We’ll answer these questions in this episode with guest, Brian Gately.

Brian spent his life in development finance starting with Peace Corps in Colombia where he was in the small business cooperatives program, then as a regulator for credit unions including Puerto Rico and NYC where he was a supervisor, later continuing in development finance in Bolivia where he was the head of a credit union strengthening program, then back in the US with Native Americans’ and in other areas where there are unbanked people; also in Mongolia.

Brian’s degree is in International Business from the University of Houston. He’s also an alum of AIESEC.

– Chris Gassman

The opinions expressed by the interviewee and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of #WAYSWF.

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