Are We More Savage?

Are We More Savage?

Every generation has different properties, aspects, and opinions. Generations are faced with different difficulties and also beauties. Words, sentences, and things that make them happy or sad change over time. What about relationships between men and women? Are they still similar or different?

A vulgar video titled, “Women Get a Taste of the Gender Equality They’ve Always Wanted”, impelled me to write this article.

In the video, I could see that in the ’50s and ’60s men knew how to treat a lady, quite kindly and thoughtfully. Then, increasingly, I noticed that men became less kind and refined over time. What was the reason?

I could see that women were taking a more active role in society. Studying, having a job, earning more money than previous generations, and so on. Nowadays, women have a much better status in the community, too. In the past, women were more unprotected. That’s why their husbands acted as shields. But now, most women do not need a shield. They do whatever they want. On the whole, they want to be equal with men in every field of life.

Men have noticed that women are competing with them. At school, and work etc. I believe men innately want to come first, protect women, and lay down the law. But nowadays, most liberated women do not accept their leadership. I guess it makes some men more aggressive, thinking that there is no need to be kind if we are all equal. In such cases, these ignorant men don’t hesitate to use muscle power as they are, by and large, more muscular than women. Also, women are getting more aggressive too, just like in the video I saw. Somehow, relations between the sexes are getting weaker, more savage, and uglier.

Is violence only physical? No! I guess lots of men still do not think that men and women are equal. Also, some of them don’t like to use their muscles. Three other types of violence include: economic, verbal and sexual (1).

On sexual violence, a nice quote came to mind “instead of teaching morality to your daughter, teach good manners to your son”.

Violence is violence. It never facilitates community development. Even if men and women are different and have different qualities, such discrepancies shouldn’t create inequality. God and nature don’t grant extra authority to any gender, we were all created equal. Just teach this to the next generation to see less violence in the future.

– Oğuz Yılmazlar

  1. What Is Violence Against Women?

The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of #WAYSWF.

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