Water War on the Door

Water War on the Door

In a few articles, I have already talked about how humankind is, and why 17 Sustainable Development Goals have emerged. But we see that problems are still similar. Also, I have already talked about water wars, which will occur in the future. As a person who is interested in politics, history, and wars, I would like to focus on water wars again.

Mother Nature endowed us with lakes, oceans, drinkable water, sun, stars, trees, and lands—all for free—but afterwards, the idiocy of humankind takes the stage… Fighting against nature itself, conquering its scarce resources, and competing against each other to reach them. It’s like an endless vicious circle with no end in sight. What’s more, water wars will intensify sooner than you think.

The Nile-Euphrates-Tigris (Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan), the Brahmaputra-Ganges (India, Bangladesh), the Indus (Pakistan), and the Colorado (USA) areas host critical water sources (1). As we know, climate change and global warming are leading country politics. States must adapt because we are sharing the same world, and these water sources will become even more significant.

Humankind! You do not stop damaging. You do not stop killing, polluting, enslaving. And you do not care how our world is! Is everything for you?

We are tired of seeing dead people every day (at least on the news). If we are fighting for peace, we can tolerate it, but this fight only benefits a few while innocent people are dying.

As you know, if something is scarce, it’s more valuable, and history teaches us that if something is in short supply and valuable, there is a war for it—without a doubt! Gory and wild wars are awaiting us if we are complacent. Year by year we are getting close to them.

Read, one more time, the article Where Will the “Water Wars” of the Future Be Fought?, and tell me which area is safe, even now? Turkey or the Middle East? Egypt or Sudan? India or Pakistan? We can only say that the Colorado is, but we should remember that the USA has never been faced with even WW1-2 on its lands. So, for now, the Colorado is safe for humanity but we cannot be sure about the rest.

So, shall we say that the Water Wars have already begun? Yes, or No?—it doesn’t matter! Another big catastrophe is waiting for us around the corner, and, alas, another time we can point the finger at humankind itself. How poor! How pitiful! How pathetic!

– Oğuz Yılmazlar

  1. Where Will the “Water Wars” of the Future Be Fought? Also, please check Here’s Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought for more.

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