Choose Your Side!

Choose Your Side!

Let’s check the two sides of energy sources and make a decision. Which side is the best for us? Which side is best for YOU?

Group A:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Geothermal
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass

Common Features: Renewable, Natural, Harmless (1).

Group B:

  • Petroleum
  • Coal
  • Natural Gas
  • Uranium

Common Features: Non-Renewable, Harmful (2).

If YOU want to destroy, finding a way is easy! But we aim to live in better conditions, don’t we?

– Oğuz Yılmazlar

  1. Biomass Explained
  2. Non-Renewable Energy Sources

P.S. April 26th is the day to memorialise the Chernobyl disaster. May those who lost their lives rest in peace. Solace and respect to people who got ill afterwards and have had to cope with it for years.

The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of #WAYSWF.

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