The Purpose of Education

The Purpose of Education

“It’s impossible for humans to fly.” “The earth is the centre of the universe.” “Smoking is good for health.” All of these ‘truths’ the ‘educated’ once believed.

What we know changes. Because the world around us changes. And because we change. We grow, and we learn new things. No ‘knowledge’ is static and unchanging. And yet, we start to assume that things are as they are – in the world, in our societies, in our lives, in ourselves. Because we have an inherent evolutionary fear of stepping beyond what is known and familiar to us, even if we don’t like things the way they are.

What, then, is the purpose of education? If everything ‘that is’ changes, what should we even attempt to learn?

The constant thing is that there is always a) a way that things are now and b) the way we would love things to be and c) action or inaction that will lead us to either further deal with the way things are, or to create what we would love.

Sounds simplistic and far-fetched? So was flying.

The purpose of education is to help us see the world around us both for what it is and what it can be; to help us deeply understand our current reality and our own fears of going beyond, and to help us fall in love with our vision and our inherent genius, and to teach everything in this dual context.

“Humans can’t fly” then becomes, “We currently don’t know of a way for humans to fly. Is that something you’d love to explore? What support do you need to create that? An understanding of physics and ratios and optimal angles? An understanding of how different materials react to the weather? An understanding of cultures where people have tried similar things before? Knowledge of the best locations for you to try this? The skills to share your vision clearly and compellingly with others through words and pictures? Here, let me show you how. Let me share your journey and help you create the world you would love.”

And before you know it, what was once just a ‘crazy’ desire of “I want to fly” transforms into one of the greatest services to humanity: “How can people fly?” – not only enabling the human race to experience the miracle of being up in the air but forever opening up world economics, demographics, cultures and possibilities.

How can we know how each desire will change the world? We can’t.

Our job is to help each individual learn what their true nature and desires are, what they would truly love to create, for instance, “I want to explore flight” or “I want to eradicate malaria”. (Different from a ‘fearful vision’ of “I would like to score 90% in my exams because that would please my parents.” – or the adult version of “I need to get a better job title because that would get me more appreciation.”)

Our job is then to help that individual understand what the current limitations are, both environmental, “This is the way the law of gravity works” and, crucially, also internal, “I haven’t taken this action not because I can’t do it, but because I fear disapproval if I succeed.”

And our job is then to help bridge the gap to the vision. (“Have you tried wings with variable angles for take-off and flight?”; “How can you create what you would love beyond your fear of disapproval?”)

Anything that we were born with a love for, we were born with an ability to create. The only thing that limits us is that little voice of fear that tells us, “This is how it is, and this is how it has to be.”

The true purpose of education is to help us find our heart’s highest calling and put paid to anything that holds us back from fulfilling our potential – creating the next level of planetary evolution in the process. That, right there, is quality education…without fear.

– Stuti Singh

About the Author:

Stuti is known for her ‘A Life without Fear’ series of talks and workshops at events around the world, and her Fearless Mastery coaching and leadership development programme.

She combines a degree in Psychology and an MBA in International Business with Intuitive Mastery and has held various leadership positions at blue-chip companies including Unilever, Pfizer and GSK.

Her mission is to help individuals and organisations realise their power for the greater good of the planet.

The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of #WAYSWF.

© Stuti Singh 2019 (

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