Nature is the Ultimate Teacher

Humankind is a ruthless race. By and large, our lives are preoccupied with getting an education, forging a career, engaging in marriage, raising kids and so on. In our limited lifespan, we often neglect the very nature we depend on.
Mother Nature has always structured our lives. Humans have learned how to live and survive with her throughout history. She taught us how to be human, protecting us and glorifying us.

Tengrism (or Shamanism)(1) is one of the oldest nature-inspired religions (or faiths) in central Asia and Siberia. As in other related religions, nature comes before everyone. People see God’s energy in trees, rivers, and mountains. Polluting a river or cutting a tree down without necessity would be an outright shame for the people. For example, if a man wants to fell a tree, even for a valid reason, he has to offer an apology to the tree he wants to cut down. There is also a special ceremony for him to do so. Talking and dancing with trees, rivers, mountains, flowers, stones, rocks, and cherishing them is part of this belief because these people believe that everything in nature has a spirit(2). Always respecting, protecting, and learning from nature is the basis of this belief. From their perspective, massacring trees, draining rivers, and deregulating arable lands for unjust benefit is the biggest threat to future generations.

What do we gain from building more buildings just to get richer? Why does humanity seem hell-bent on killing its teacher? Green areas, paths for walking and riding, and picnic areas are valuable services that disappear on a daily basis. It seems like our grandchildren will not inherit the Earth from us, but rather a concrete jungle. Nature is entrusted to us by them, conserve it. Be more sensitive to preserve life for the future.

Written by Oguz Yilmazlar